What to do in and around Cagliari

Winetasting and Wildlife

Visit to one of the most famous family owned wineries in Sardinia and the magnificent wild horses A relaxed drive through the hills and hummocks of Trexenta to the beautiful Marmilla Valley. Then on up to the old volcanic plateau to see the amazing wild horses. Stop at a stone-age tomb site. Then we drive […]

Unique in the World

Visit the last master of marine byssus, or sea silk In Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the ship’s crew wear clothes made of byssus ("sea-shell fabric"). Kings and Priests throughout history  have worn this cloth. Experience the magic of a tradition lost in time and unique in the world. Welcome to the [...]

Cagliari City Tour with the Tuk Tuk

  2 Hours Cagliari Tour Explore the beautiful city Cagliari guided by a really great guide. Nobody else knows the capital better than Claudio. He speaks fluently english and show you the best view points and highlights of the city. The Tour includes: Castello Villanova, the Spanish part of the city Marina Piccola Poetto Parco […]

Beach tours from Cagliari

We bring you to the most beautiful Beaches of the south east and south west coast When it comes to enjoying the summer time, what else is more appealing than gorgeous beaches, sea and endless sand dunes? Experience the most beautiful beaches on the south coast to relax and swim in the crystalline water.  Enjoy […]

Excursion to the heritage site Su Nuraxi | History & Wildlife

History and Wildlife Enjoy the Archaeological and Natural Splendours of Barumini and the ‘Giara’ Su Nuraxi Barumini Description We drive through the Campidano plains into the beautiful Marmilla Valley, stop by the very impressive Murals of Villamar, Visit the most famous Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi" (UNESCO Site) in Sardinia. Then we head up to the old [...]