Visit to one of the most famous family owned wineries in Sardinia and the magnificent wild horses

A relaxed drive through the hills and hummocks of Trexenta to the beautiful Marmilla Valley. Then on up to the old volcanic plateau to see the amazing wild horses. Stop at a stone-age tomb site. Then we drive to the organic winery with it wonderful landscapes, have a guided visit of the winery and do certainly some wine tasting and eat Sardinian specialities. On the way back, we stop to show you the charming Murals and if there is time left, we also visit the Nuraghe Piscu a bronze age fortress.


Wine Tasting

The art of wine is based in Sardinia since the bronze age. The oldest winepress is dated 1500 B.C.
So it’s for sure that the wine art has not been brought over by the romans but they learned it from the old population of Sardinia.

The wines we are going to taste express all of the historical knowledge. It does not matter if you prefer white, red or rose, all colors they produce are fantastic wines. For every wine they serve us different type’s of cheese, bacon, ham and sweets

The wild Horses of the Giara

Wild Horses

This horse race live in Sardinia for a long time and is a a protected species. The origin of those horses is a shrouded in mystery. Somebody thinks the Phoenicians brought them to Sardinia.  The Giara is a beautiful place, covered with cork oaks and rich mediterranean vegetation.

What we are going to visit

  • Landscapes and panorama
  • Domus de Janas (Tomb 3000 BC)
  • Giara di Gesturi, Wild Horses
  • Visit the winery with wine tasting
  • Murals of Villamar
  • Nuraghe Piscu


  • Pick up is at 9:00-9:30 am
  • Cruise Ship Guests (Time over e-mail)
  • At the Port or your accommodation
  • Duration 6-7 hours
  • Comfortable dress and sturdy shoes



The Wine tasting is to pay extra; 15 € small wine tasting with 3 wines, 25 € large wine tasting with 5 wines


Reception B&B Luce Cagliari, via WhatsAppTelegram or e-mail