We bring you to the most beautiful Beaches of the south east and south west coast

When it comes to enjoying the summer time, what else is more appealing than gorgeous beaches, sea and endless sand dunes?

Experience the most beautiful beaches on the south coast to relax and swim in the crystalline water.  Enjoy the amazing coast lines and shoot from the best panorama view points to preserve the memories of your Sardinia holiday.

The 12 best beaches to visit from Cagliari

Beach Tour Marina Rei and Sant’Elmo

The most beautiful beaches on the south-east coast

Departure from Cagliari towards Costa Rei. Stop at the bar and supermarket of Olia Speciosa, where you can get a drink, second breakfast, shop and use the toilet. In the supermarket you can also buy beach mat, sun cream etc.

Then we reach the breathtaking beach of Marina Rei, where we stay for 2.5 hours. After another 15 minutes drive, we reach the enchanting beach of Sant’Elmo. Another 2.5 hours stay.

If somebody likes to taste an buy one of the best olive oils, we arrange a stop.

the beach Marina Rei

Beach Marina Rei

Beach Tour from Cagliari to Chia and Tuerredda

The most beautiful beach of Europe

We start from Cagliari along the lagoons filled with pink flamingos. Before we arrive at Chia beach, we stop for about 15 minutes at a bar with a toilet and a supermarket.

10 minutes later we reach the beautiful beach of Chia, where we have a 2.5 hour stop. You can also walk to the beach Spartivento and Cala Cipolla, it takes only 5-10 minutes from our drop-off point.

Now we take you to the beautiful beach of Tuerredda, where you have another 2.5 hours. On the way back, we drive over the most beautiful panoramic spots on the south coast to take pictures, before returning to Cagliari.

Beach Tuerredda | South west coast

Tuerredda Beach

Beach tour from Cagliari to Porto Giunco and Cala Sinzias

The most beautiful at the south east coast

We leave Cagliari driving along the city beach, salt flats filled with pink flamingos and the panoramic road Leonardo da Vinci in south-east direction to Villasimius.

We stop along the coast at the most beautiful viewpoints to take photos.

Before we arrive in Porto Giunco, where we stop for 2.5 hours, we offer the opportunity to shop in the supermarket and have a snack at the bar.

Then we drive up the Sardinian east coast, with a wonderful view over  Costa Rei, the islands of  Serpentara and Cavoli reaching then the spectacular beach of Cala Sinzias, where we stay for another 2.5 hours.

Beach Cala Sinzias

Beach Cala Sinzias

Beach tour from Cagliari to Porto Pino and Piscinì

The most beautiful dune beach of the south coast

We start from Cagliari across the  Sulcis mountains. On the way we have fantastic panoramas over the Castello di acqua fredda, lakes, plains, sea and the islands of the southwest coast.

Before we get to the beach, we stop at a bar and a supermarket. At Is Arenas beach in Porto Pino, we have a 2.5 hours to enjoy dunes and beach.

Then we drive along the beautiful south coast to the beach of Piscinì. Here we spend another 2.5 hours. We stop several times along the coast at the most beautiful places for your souvenir photos.

Porto Pino Beach

Porto Pino Beach

Beachtour from Cagliari to Piscinas and Scivu

The most beautiful beaches of the west coast

Departure from Cagliari towards Arbus over the relaxing plain of the Campidano. Before we arrive in Ingurtosu, we stop at a bar and a supermarket for our beach shopping.

We drive the road of the abandoned mines and then arrive at the beach in the middle of huge sand dunes. The dunes are over 80 m high.

After a 2 hour stay we continue along the mountain road to the spectacular dune beach Scivu where we will have another 2 hours.

Then we continue on the beautiful coastal road to Portixeddu and Buggeru.

Piscinas Beach West Coast Sardinia

Piscinas Beach

Beachtour to Cala Domestica and Fontana di mare

The most beautiful beaches of the west coast

We start from Cagliari toward Iglesias and drive down the old mining road to the sea. We reach then the first beach. Fontana di Mare is a big beach with white sand and wonderful water.

After 2.5 hours we continue our journey along the panoramic coast with the fantastic view of Pan di Zucchero, the island of San Pietro, Sant’Antioco and the old mining laundry, which is part of UNESCO.

We stop in the loop, from here you can take photos of the most spectacular views you have ever seen. We have also the possibility to drink a cappuccino and use the toilet.

On the way to the next beach we stop at a supermarket to buy some drinks. After about 15 minutes by car we arrive then at the fantastic beach of Cala Domestica, where we stop for another 2.5 hours before we drive back over the panorama road.

Beach Fontana di mare

Fontana di Mare Beach

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